Designed and developed to celebrate a decade of digital design: TEN is a brain-tickling board game of tic-tactical-toe.


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After 10 years crafting and grafting away at all things interactive we wanted to do something to mark our landmark anniversary.

Inspired by the thoughtful logic and strategy of an existing board game, often referred to as 'ultimate tic-tac-toe', we decide to develop TEN, a game played simultaneously across 9 small grids and 1 master grid!

The resulting minimalist turn-based game, not only allows you to compete online and test your brain-power against others but creates unique generative melodies as you play!

Give it a go for free on the AppStore :)

Based on the timeless Tic-Tac-Toe, TEN is a contemporary take on an old classic.

Play across nine grids at the same time to claim victory on the tenth master grid!


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