The lunch box that steams your food

Steasy is a portable mini steamer that serves up warm food on the go. Anytime. Anywhere. Designed with meal-preppers in mind, it reheats your yummy leftovers without losing texture, flavour or nutrients.


Creating a new digital brand experience

The Swiss founders of Steasy came to us with a prototype of the smart lunch box. They needed a marketing website, app and online shop but had no content or product photography, as the product was still in production.

The online experience had to appeal to style and health-conscious millennials who are part of the growing meal-prep culture. Their motivation for preparing meals in advance is to have better control over their diet, reduce food waste and save costs. Our job was to communicate how Steasy can help with exactly that.

We rolled our sleeves and started the project with a collaborative workshop. We had fun using methods such as lightning demos, persona development, crazy 8s, and prioritisation boards to help set the project's ambitions and expectations.


Taking inspiration from the lunch box

The lunch box comes in three colours, inspired by herbs and spices (Black Ginger, Green Peppercorn and Lava Salt). It felt like a natural choice to base the brand palette around these earthy colours and let the content containers on the website mirror the soft, round corners of the food container.

Simple iconography with a line weight that complements the typography was introduced to communicate key benefits and specifications of the Steasy. These icons extended to the dashboard of the Steasy app to create a holistic visual language across all digital touch points.


Sleek 3D renders and colour-matched photography

The product was still being manufactured, so we were not able to take photos of the lunchbox. Our solution was to create realistic 3D renders and combine them with lifestyle photography of people cooking or eating, to add a human connection. There was no budget for bespoke photography, so we carefully selected images that matched the colours of the lunch boxes.

No one likes boring instruction manuals, so we created bite-sized videos of how to set your Steasy to ‘transport’ and ‘steam’ mode.


Bringing all the elements together on the website

Once the visual language and content had been created, we transformed the wireframes we had created early on in the project into high-fidelity designs and prototyped the micro-interactions.

The website presents the features and benefits of the lunch box in a simple and elegant way and lets you pre-order the product, which will be available in the summer of 2023.

We partnered with the technical wizards at ON, who brought the designs to life and seamlessly integrated them with Shopify.

Mobile app

Making the lunch box even smarter

A new innovative product needs a smart companion. This first iteration of the app acts as a remote control to the lunch box and lets you set a timer for when you want your lunch to be ready. This is particularly helpful if you have a packed schedule and find it hard to make time for a warm and tasty lunch. The future ambition for the app is to include recipes that are ideal for steaming and other related lifestyle content.

“Sennep impressed us with their smart thinking and understanding of our business needs. With an abundance of creativity and commitment, they translated our vision into a design solution that we are thrilled with.”

Johannes Hofer

Chief Marketing Officer


  • Research and discovery
  • Art direction
  • Visual identity
  • UX & UI design
  • Prototyping
  • Storyboarding and motion design
  • 3D design
  • Project management

Sennep Team

  • Hege Aaby | Account manager
  • Matt Rice | Design director
  • Ben Ewing | Lead designer
  • Alex Thurman | UX research
  • Najiba Noh | UX design
  • Jonathan Lindgren | 3D designer


  • ON | Web development
  • ON | App development
  • Dan Roznov | Copywriting