About us

We’re designers,engineers andproblem solvers

A human touch in a digital world

We design digital products that go beyond pure functionality and usability to evoke trust, joy and brand loyalty. Since 2003 we've been honing our craft as UX and UI specialists.

Sennep means mustard. Our secret sauce is adding a kick to the bland sandwiches of the digital world – raising smiles as well as the bottom line.

Strong principles, flexible processes

Everything we make must meet our three experience principles: smart, simple and human. While these never budge, we are proudly flexible in our process; continually adapting our methods to meet the specific challenges of each project.

See our approach

Planting the seeds for tomorrow

We are experimental and inquisitive by nature. It's how we solve problems. Every project is an opportunity to sharpen our skills and stretch our abilities further.

Our deep understanding of smart products comes from our own, self-initiated work. It allows us to play around with emerging technologies and find new uses for them without the usual constraints. We know what it's like to go on a product journey because we've been there too. And by caring for our plants, we help yours grow, too.

We partner with smart businesses that put user experience at the heart of what they do.

High fives from the design community

We do what we do because it makes lives easier and businesses better. But it does feel great to be recognised as best in class. With over 50 design awards under our belts, it shows we're doing something right. And it makes our mums proud.

Meet our team

Hege Aaby

Co-founder & Managing Director

Like every Norwegian, Hege was born with skis on her feet. When snow is scarce she eats sushi, pins interiors and gets stretchy on a yoga mat.

Matt Rice

Co-founder & Creative Director

Venturing down unexplored paths fuels Matt's curiosity and creativity. He ponders, doodles, makes, re-makes, photographs and Instagrams.

Stuart Jackson

Partner & Client Director

Stuart likes systems. Design systems. Recycling systems. But there’s no system to his infamous ‘dinosaur dance’ just pure, untamed passion.

Christoph Lorenzi

Partner & Technical Director

With his logical German mind, Christoph heads up the tech team. With his faithful pug by his side, they support FC Bayern in their lederhosen.

Jesse Belgrave

Client Strategy Director

With zen-like calm, Jesse plots the digital future beyond tomorrow. Off duty, he dreams of cyborgs, drops breakbeats and wages war on plastic.

Marco Camurri

Backend Developer & Associate Director

With his love of monsters and zombies, Marco's creativity and engineering skills see an annual peak before his much anticipated Halloween party.

Bridget Dawodu

Product Manager

A proper Londoner, Bridget loves the rain and the secret, leafy parts of the city. She's got the travel bug and always carries a fan to avoid the heat.

Leah Westwood

Product Manager

With a fine art degree and love for craft and macrame, Leah can often be found in galleries, sipping red wine, or going for epic walks.

Lenny van Diggelen

Lead Frontend Developer

A true perfectionist and the guardian of our dev processes, Lenny runs marathons, plays live-streaming games and loves historic castles.

Alex Thurman

Product Designer

Welsh without the accent. Alex enjoys pushing his limits, either on a bike, on a football pitch or as a designer. His latest challenge is learning German. Ja!

Gil Zissu

Product Designer

From the deserts of Israel, Gil loves his hummus and rainy winters. He combines his passion for music, tech and design in his live performances.

Kin Leung

Product Designer

A creative polymath from Hong Kong, Kin is a seasoned interface designer, a skilled ceramist, and a talented illustrator.

Jenny Stickland

Studio Manager & HR

Jenny looks after our people, plants and culture. She loves a good cuppa and trying out new things; yoga, Lindy Hop, karaoke, life drawing, running, etc.

Matt Daniels

Product Designer

A proud Cornishman and new parent, Matt loves music festivals, home brewing, vinyl collecting, plant nurturing, and fighting for plastic-free oceans.

Josh Ellis

Frontend Developer

Yorkshire born and bred, Josh is a self-confessed meme addict and biscuit lover. He spends most of his time climbing and watching cartoons.

Jack Hughes

Product Designer

Observing and photographing nature, Jack knows more about butterflies than most. He loves baking sourdough bread and drinking craft beer.