Richard Mille

A catalogue of extraordinary timepieces

The sales team of luxury watchmaker Richard Mille was in real need of a digital solution to browsing heavy lookbooks when talking to their star-studded customers.

The challenge

Help the sales team provide a premium experience

Selling luxury timepieces — some with a six-figure price tag — requires expert knowledge of the cutting edge technology and materials used. But with over 80 models, handcrafted to high specifications, remembering the details of every watch is near impossible.

Interviewing the sales team at the brand's exclusive Mayfair boutique, we learnt they were relying on a combination of lookbooks, technical brochures and sometimes even Google to provide their customers with the details they requested — a far from premium customer experience.

UX & UI design

The complete collection at the tap of a finger

To improve the experience for customers and the sales team alike, we created a digital catalogue for iPad Pro that reflects the levels of care and attention that go into every single Richard Mille timepiece. It helps the sales team to quickly find information on the timepiece the customer is interested in, and is especially useful when it isn't physically on display in-store.

Designed to be visually rich, customers can watch videos, zoom in on high-res images and spin each watch 360 degrees. Additional information on the inspiration behind each timepiece, as well as details on the features, technical specifications and materials used, can be found at the tap of a finger.

The minimalist elegance of the interface lets the exquisite timepieces take centre stage

Technical development

The tech that keeps it all running... like clockwork

The app has a bespoke and central CMS that keeps all information up-to-date and consistent for the dozens of Richard Mille stores spread across the world. A smart tagging system makes searching for a timepiece reliable and efficient. Built to work offline, staff can sync content during quiet times and be confident that the experience will always be fast and smooth when they're with a customer.


  • Research & interviews
  • UX & UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • iOS development
  • Backend development
  • Visual assets preparation
  • Ongoing support

Sennep team

  • Leah Westwood | Product manager
  • Hege Aaby | Creative director
  • Marisa Gama | UI & UX designer
  • Christoph Lorenzi | Technical director
  • Marco Camurri | Backend developer
  • Yang Wong | App developer
  • Josh Ellis | App developer
  • Maria Centola | Art worker

Richard Mille team

  • Nasko Fejza | Marketing manager
  • Rodolphe Baudouin | Mayfair store manager