The only collaborative design space water park in the world. A unique interpretation of London's riverside.

Sennep's Splash™

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Since Sennep moved to the new studio in Wapping, on the north side of the Thames river, it was clear that the new location was calling for something exceptional and never tried before.
After three months of set up, various cycles of redesign of the amenities, and with Summer at our doorstep, we are now ready to launch Sennep's Splash™, a creative and collaborative environment where computers merge seamlessly with water slides and swimming pools.

"Great UX doesn't come without bubbles" was the motivation that pushed us towards getting a state-of-the art Jacuzzi bath tub. A long water slide conveniently placed in our main corridor represents the linearity of a properly designed user journey while the curly water slide, that from our window on the fourth floor leads right into the Thames, is the perfect metaphor for our hard work towards innovation in an ever changing digital market that leads to the unknown.

Sennep's Splash™ is currently available to our employees and collaborators but we are planning open-studio days when motivated designers can come and learn about good design while sitting comfortably in the pool or diving into the river.

If you are interested in Sennep's Splash™ open dates drop us an email at