UI kit and modular design system for a global start-up leading the way in electric and autonomous vehicles.

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NIO is a global start-up leading the way in electric and autonomous vehicles.

With the client located in China, Sennep in the UK and the technical development team in California the making of the website was a truly global effort. Working to a very ambitions timeline, we made the most of time zone differences to deliver in record time.

Sennep’s role was to design the website and the user interface kit, including animated iconography, buttons and micro interactions. All interactions were coded by Sennep ready to be implemented by the development team. 

Considering NIO’s rapid growth the website was designed in a modular way, allowing NIO to expand the website as their services branched into lifestyle and power. The benefit of this approach is that new web pages can quickly be built from the modules without needing further help from a design agency.

The go-live date of the website coincided with the unveiling of the world’s fastest electric supercar – the NIO EP9. With the supercar smashing lap records at Nürburgring, it was decided that an interactive experience, showcasing the car spec, should be one of the core elements of the website. To assist the development team, Sennep worked with a 3D partner to design and build an experience that deconstructed the car to highlight the high level of innovation and features within.

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Thank you for providing designs in such short time with constant changes up to last minute. Your team is exceptional.

Rajesh Rao, Senior Software Architect
Next EV 

It's impressive what you've achieved, in very challenging circumstances.

Ivan Mato, Design Director


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Launch of NIO eve at SXSW
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