Rewriting the rulebook for trying and buying cars


Electric vehicles are a game changer. Fossil fuel powered mobility, that has dominated for a century, is being swept away. New technologies bring new companies to market, all intent on disrupting the status quo.

Mahindra aimed to seize this opportunity to position themselves as leaders in EV technology. This was part of a global strategy, as despite being a huge Asian multinational, they are relatively unknown in Europe. The Mahindra e2o electric car was to change that. Sennep worked from the project inception to design and develop a ground-up digital platform that provided every facet of the e2o customer experience, and connected seamlessly with the manufacturing and logistics operation back in India.

The emphasis on digital was crucial as the e2o was sold exclusively online, with none of the showrooms or salesmen that are traditional to the car industry. The test drive, order and delivery are all arranged at your convenience and to your door, and are fully managed online. This fundamental shift in the car purchasing experience was designed by Sennep to be simple, clear and contemporary, and to mirror the level of customer service expected when buying any modern lifestyle product.