Increasing sales by 48% by reinventing the online shopping experience

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The Edwin denim brand is known as edgy and contemporary, with passionate customers that border on evangelists. However there was a problem; this great brand awareness and reputation was not translating into robust online sales.

Sennep were asked to reimagine the entire online retail offer for Edwin, a task that started with a thorough analysis of Edwin’s existing website analytics, user journeys and target audience.

The customer experience we designed was clear and understandable, but far from cookie-cutter in its execution… To look like ‘just another’ e-commerce website would be anathema to the Edwin brand.

Communicating the fit of different denim styles online can be tricky. Your jeans may be the hard-wearing staple of your wardrobe, but they can also evoke a very personal attachment; as Andy Warhol said, “I want to die with my blue jeans on.” To solve this challenge we created an interactive fit guide with real life models, allowing the customer to take control when viewing the jeans.

The hard work paid immediate dividends. The number of website sessions and time spent on the site at launch both went up by a third, with page views up by a half. This translated directly to sales, with unique purchases and items per transaction both increasing by over 40%, and an uplift in revenue of 48%.

Our ongoing relationship with Edwin means we never stand still. Indeed, post-launch A:B testing of homepage layouts demonstrated a further 16% rise in conversion rates was achievable. Based on six months of solid data, the redesign was subsequently implemented for all customers.

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