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We design interfaces and user experiences that evoke trust, joy and brand loyalty.

We supercharge your in-house product team with award-winning design skills, solid processes and fresh perspectives from outside your industry.

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NEW WORK — Steasy

We've been working closely with Swiss engineers and inventors of the Steasy to develop a digital brand experience to launch its innovation lunchbox. Sennep has led the design and collaborated with our Design District neighbours and technology partner ON to deliver the marketing site, online shop and connected app. We hope you like it :)


We talk to Creative Review about our latest mobile game: OLO Loco

OLO Loco is the sequel to our hit iOS game OLO. Creative Director Matt Rice discusses the challenges of rethinking the original OLO format, creating the game’s playful aesthetic and the value of pursuing passion projects. Find out more about our games at the Sennep games website.


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