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OLO Loco: Out now on Google Play Pass and Apple App Store!

Rogue Games, our game publishers, are big believers in the ‘Netflix for Games’ subscription model and have helped us launch our latest game OLO Loco on Google Play Pass. Read what Pocket Gamer says about the game.

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Experimenting with kinetic typography for 36 Days of Type

Our creative director, Matt Rice, took this year's 36 Days of Type challenge, designing a new letter every day! With the aim to explore kinetic typography and experiment with new design tools, the outcome was a set of mesmerising letter shapes and new skills.

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Cultural Distances – what does 2 metres look like in your country?

A set of illustrations created during lockdown that underlines the importance of social distancing, and also celebrates the different cultural perspectives that make our team so great.

Did you know the longest salmon caught in Norway is 1.6m? Keep safe and stay more than a large salmon apart!

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Welcoming Bridget to our team during lockdown

Bridget Dawodu, our new Product Manager, hit the ground running with a new project kick-off the same day she joined, adding to the challenges of remote onboarding. But with her calm, joyful personality and her product head firmly screwed on, she led the team through some intense weeks. We're thrilled to have you onboard Bridget!

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