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Williams Murray Hamm invites you to create a single, seamless showreel from an overview of 60 projects. Just sit back, watch, and listen.


Williams Murray Hamm

Williams Murray Hamm, the award winning branding and packaging specialists, were looking for a website to display the projects in their 15 year portfolio in a completely new fashion. We developed a radical take on the agency showreel, putting the user in control of the projects to view.

From an overview of 60 projects the user can select the five they are most interested in, or if just browsing they can ask the site to choose for them. From that moment on the site stitches together images, videos, commentaries and background music to create a single, seamless showreel… Just sit back, watch and listen!

The showreel is compiled in real time, calculating the time and position to display each image and video on the fly, creating an ever-changing visual patchwork whilst the WMH team talk you through the story behind the projects. The site has been a great success, with the inventive approach mirroring the non-conventional nature of Williams Murray Hamm. A dedicated iPad version is now in development and will launch this autumn.