Sennep is an interactive design studio formed in 2003. We approach every project with enthusiasm and an ambition to create something memorable, beautiful and useful.

Underpinned by the latest technology and user-centric design our aim is to bring a human touch to the digital world. Our award-winning portfolio has a sense of traditional craft about it; handmade, sculpted, drawn and animated elements are often used, providing a bespoke charm.

With experience in designing websites since the dot-com boom, we now apply our expertise in interaction design to games, installations, mobile and apps, integrating social media where appropriate.

As our world becomes more digital, utilitarian and data-driven, innovative interface design increasingly defines how we connect with people, brands and services. We love exploring and playing with new technologies, sometimes resulting in fully-fleshed pieces of work. These self-initiated projects are very important to us as they provide a platform for innovation and learning, and ultimately enhance our client work.

Throughout the years we have built strong, long-lasting relationships with many of our clients, ranging from small creative teams to global organisations.