562 recycled plastic bottles, hundreds of LED lights and live Twitter feed were the ingredients in Cohn & Wolfe’s holiday installation.


Cohn & Wolfe 'Behind the scenes' photos

Global PR agency Cohn & Wolfe wanted to do something different than sending out a typical Christmas card. Instead they took this opportunity to shed light on the growing problem of people dumping plastic in the sea.

Working together with eco artist Sarah Turner Sennep created a giant twitter-reactive bauble made out of recycled plastic bottles and LED lights. Cohn & Wolfe started off the goodwill ripple effect with a tweet, raising awareness of Project Kaisei – a non-profit organisation researching ways to reduce the Plastic Vortex. This is a patch of plastic the size of France and Germany combined, floating in the North Pacific.

Tweets from all over the world containing words used in the Cohn & Wolfe’s holiday message were pulled in to a database. Each word had a different colour and would change the light sculpture in real-time, which was broadcast through the website using live video streaming.

Each time Cohn & Wolfe’s message was retweeted they donated $1 to Project Kaisei.

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