The simplest answer to the ‘about us’ page – Seymourpowell fits 25 years of product design in 7 clicks.



Renowned product designers Seymourpowell have undertaken over 1500 projects in the last 25 years, covering a broad spectrum of sectors. You may not have seen their spacecraft interiors, but it's likely you own one of their bars of soap.

Rather than displaying this huge body of work online, 12 carefully selected case studies demonstrate how Seymourpowell operates at every point in the lifecycle of a product.

With the pile of cards telling the story of Seymour-powell in 7 clicks, providing a flavour of the company, the website communicates slick professionalism in a casual and approachable manner.


Webby Awards
Corporate Communications / Winner 

Design Week Awards
Websites / Finalist 



Sennep are a pleasure to work with, and completely bought into the idea to move away from the formulaic Product Design website.

Dave Fisher
Design Director
Seymour Powell