No more slacking, slowing up on that last mile, or sneaking in a donut when no one is looking. AMARIX is here to get you through those moments of physical weakness.

Project AMARIX


We’ve been having some fun with HTML5 audio and working with NIKE78 to make a trainer talk. As a part of a wider project in which 78 designers and creatives were asked to challenge the function of a pair of Nike’s, we used some code, a text to speech engine, a wig, and some other knick knacks to create Project AMARIX.

Our concept explores eliminating the need for a human Personal Trainer; what if your Nike’s could verbally instill you with the motivation and support you need to get through your training regime? Imagine, if you could select ‘Personal Trainer’ as an option when customising your Nike iD’s. Straight out of the box, your Nike's will OWN you.