Going green and going digital – launching a major Indian car brand in the UK

The Electricity Car


Mahindra is a multinational automobile corporation, ranked as one of the 10 most trusted brands in India. Despite their size they are virtually unknown in the UK. Mahindra identified the ‘e2o’ electric vehicle as their brand launchpad in the UK, with plans to roll out across Europe as electric vehicles become increasingly commonplace.

Sennep has been involved from the project inception, working in tandem with the UK CEO to define the positioning and strategy for the Mahindra brand. The emphasis on digital is crucial as the e2o is sold exclusively online, with none of the showrooms or salesmen that are traditional to the car industry. To be involved in such a game-changing project has been very exciting.

We positioned the car as a lifestyle product and steered clear of most motoring conventions in order to truly stand out in the sector. Working closely with the art director the website has an almost editorial feel, with a very light touch to the test drive and purchase functions.

Where the website focusses on being clear and lightweight, the systems we built for Mahindra are detailed and extensive. From linking orders back to the Indian manufacturing plant, to test drive management around the UK, all sales and production software has been derived and developed by Sennep from the ground up.

With the e-commerce phase now live we are excited to monitor the sales and analytics, and on an ongoing basis to test, learn and refine the offer, with the ultimate aim of increasing sales.