We brought 25,000 people together by creating a hub for Kantar’s news, information, and inspiration, not to mention an interactive data visualisation to top things off.



Kantar, a preeminent global provider of market insights, wanted to create one central place to bring together every company and every person within the group.

The intranet is packed full with features that encourage users to come back time and time again. The customisable homepage makes it easy to add favourites, stay up to date with new opportunities within the group, and keep on top of industry news. It also acts as a platform for Kantar's CEO to publish his monthly magazine, which is available to all intranet subscribers. Whether you're searching for assets for your next presentation, or find yourself in need of inspiration to spark some creative thinking, the intranet has it all.

We pulled together information from the registered users to create an interactive data visualisation of the group, which displays the connections between clients, companies and employees. This elegant addition to the intranet helps users to understand how they fit into the wider group in a interactive, playful way.

Sennep always surprise us with their creative solutions and beautiful executions. 

Aziz Cami
Creative Director 
Kantar Group