An online tool that makes preparing an interview questionnaire fast and easy.

Interview Toolkit


Global market research consultancy TNS asked Sennep to help them create an Interview Toolkit for their Hiring Managers to unify and simplify the interview process across all their offices.

Numerous questions relating to different departments, candidate experience levels and competencies were inputted in the bespoke CMS (Content Management System) that Sennep built. Through a simple interface the interviewers select experience level and a set of competencies. The appropriate questions are served up in a printable and downloadable format, with the option to edit, add or hide questions. The form includes a scoring matrix that help Hiring Managers to assess all candidates using a standardised system.

This first release of the tool is made so that it can easily be translated into different languages from within the CMS. It can also be skinned to extend across all TNS sister-companies within the Kantar group, with their company’s logo and brand identity.