An atmospheric website developed for the Chinese market, reinforcing the philosophy of China’s largest eco-fashion brand

Chinese fashion website


ICICLE is a fashion brand dedicated to designing and producing high quality clothing, without causing a negative impact on the environment. With a minimalistic approach to design, their collections are simple, elegant and exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Using exclusively natural materials and ecological dyes including tea leaves, onions and pomegranate, their garments ‘transcend the inherent beauty of nature’.

After seeing some of our previous work, ICICLE invited us to Shanghai where we got an invaluable insight into their brand values, retail spaces and production methods. Based on our experiences, and that ICICLE’s Chinese name is ‘seedling’, Sennep designed an ethereal and minimal website opening with a seed gracefully falling through the sky.

It was important to ICICLE to create a poetic and natural environment with subtle animation and sounds so it was decided that Flash was the best tool to achieve this.

Further work is in the pipeline to make the website compatible across all devices. Watch this space...