A double award winning, real time data visualisation of Twitter activity around the BAFTA Awards.

BAFTA Flickometer


For the 2011 BAFTAs we developed Flickometer for Orange. Working with the mighty POKE, we designed and built a real time Twitter visualisation to show the popularity of the nominees. The tweets engine were served up by Smesh, who made it possible for us to create a playful, live experience that brings all the latest gossip to the surface.

Flickometer gave users the ability to see the overall chatter around BAFTA topics, as well reading individual tweets and interacting with the conversations themselves by tweeting directly from the website. Digging a little deeper it was possible to watch nominated movie trailers within the Flickometer itself...

It was well received by visitors to the Orange website with users spending double the amount of time on the Flickometer page than on any other.


Revolution Award
Best use of data visualisation

Marketing Week 
Data Strategy Award