A new website for Checkland Kindleysides, an extraordinary agency of insightful designers, innovators and brand storytellers

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Design consultancy Checkland Kindleysides has more than 30 years of experience in creating outstanding retail spaces, brand identities and communication design.

Our relationship with Checkland Kindleysides started in 2007, when Sennep designed an ward-winning and much loved Flash website for the design agency. This is our third website for them, amongst other projects like a series of interactive Christmas cards and a client presentation system, intelligently drawing from the case studies found on their website. 

For the new website, Sennep created a subtle visual language of lines and dots that move gently as you interact with the website. In the footer of the website the lines an dots come together as an interactive emblem with the words “Crafted at Checkland Kindleysides” hinting at their hands-on creative process.

We worked closely together with CK to define the brief and to give the makers and artists behind the beautiful work a voice. This resulted in the section named ‘Creative Community’ where you can see behind the scenes of the creative process and read designer interviews, trend forecasts, thought pieces and lots more. 

The main objective was of course to present their stunning work in an elegant way, telling the stories from inspiration to realisation as you scroll down the project pages.

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