When an online challenge became a real world artwork

Head Office Mural

British Heart Foundation

This project began with a digital problem - how do you build a website navigation around 60 loosely linked anecdotes? The BHF had compiled a set of stories illustrating how heart disease touches us all, in every walk of life. The intention was not for the user to read every one but rather to guide them on a journey, where the common threads in the stories created a narrative on an area of BHF research.

The problem was solved by making the 60 stories the key element on the website - a typographic heart that acted as navigation, meaning that when one title was clicked the linked titles fluidly reformed around it. This gave focus and guidance to the user, whilst creating a distinctive and elegant aesthetic to the site.

The typographic heart went down really well, and the BHF saw the potential to use it as a piece of branding. So when they moved headquarters we were asked to rework it as a wall mural for the reception, where the words illustrated the BHF values and ideals. Should you have reason to visit the BHF in Mornington crescent, you'll now know the backstory behind the artwork in proudly greeting all visitors!