It’s time we all knew more about ADPKD - taking a medical subject into the mainstream


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ADPKD is a rare, degenerative kidney condition with no known cure. Otsuka, a leading pharmaceutical company, decided it was time to raise awareness of ADPKD within the medical community and the public in general.

Langland, the world’s most creatively awarded healthcare agency, had the idea of presenting kidneys as lightbulbs (to show that we need new ideas around ADPKD), speakers (to trigger more discussions about ADPKD), and clocks (to indicate that the early diagnosis of ADPKD is critical).

Working with fantastic videos and visuals from ManvsMachine, we created a 3D interactive room for the abstract kidneys, where subtle mouse movements give a sense of moving around them. Hotspots on the kidneys drive the user to key pieces of content, with a wealth of detailed information on the disease nested within the main navigation.

Sennep designed the interface and supplied responsive HTML templates to Langland, to drop into their own Drupal content management system.

The client wanted the website to be a real departure from the way diseases are usually discussed online. We feel that Langland’s bold idea, combined with ManVsMachine’s stunning 3D execution and our fluid and contemporary website design has delivered a suitably radical outcome.