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A code experiment that became an app store 'classic’ with 1.6 million downloads and still counting

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OLO began life as part of Sennep‘s ongoing R&D investigations into coded animation.

Spotting it’s potential as a game, perfect for touch devices, we developed it into a HTML5 web app that immediately caught the imagination of over 50,000 online players. This encouraged us to design a polished evolution of the game and the result has been an overwhelming success. 

Highlights include: App Store Game of the Year (Runner-up), a North America-wide Starbucks promotion, the OLO icon used in Apple marketing collateral for the iPhone5 and the pre-installation of OLO on iPad’s in Apple stores across the globe.

OLO is now available on both the App store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

"A multiplayer classic: Elegant and irresistible, Sennep’s all-ages masterpiece lets up to four players enjoy games that can be as casual or hardcore as everyone wants them to be."

Apple, App Store Editors' Notes 

Ranking worldwide (iOS):
No.1 Overall App - 10 countries
No.1 Game - 23 countries
No.1 Board Game - 84 countries

iOS and Android:
Downloads - 1.6 millions
Sessions - 10+ millions



"OLO is one of the classiest productions you’ll ever see on iOS, a minimalist multiplayer game that’s as achingly gorgeous as it is perfectly tuned"



Stuff Gadget Awards
Game App of the Year – Shortlisted

Webby Awards
Games (Tablets & all other devices) – Official Honoree

The Lovie Awards
Games: Tablet – Gold Award

The Lovie Awards
Games: Tablet  – Gold People’s Lovie

App Store
Game of the Year – Runner-Up

The Fresh Awards
Apps & Games – Gold Award

Mobile of the day

Webby Awards
Games (Tablets & all other devices) – Finalist

"A nearly perfect multiplayer game that’s as simple as it is beautiful."

"It’s amazing that how a very simple concept can be so entertaining and addictive, 10/10."



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