Got, got, neeeeeeeeed! Complete your World Cup 2014 sticker album faster than you can say Sokratis Papastathopoulis

Sticker Swapping

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Every four years the World Cup comes around, spinning us back to the hazy days of school playgrounds, grazed knees, and pockets bulging with World Cup stickers. Too many Kyle Walkers, too few shiny crests... The addiction is back, and we have developed a free online tool to help you swap your ‘gots’ for your ‘needs’.

Covering every sticker in the album, simply add your stickers and Sticker Swapping will match you with collectors who have the greatest swap potential. The tool has a handy completion bar to show your progress, and is location aware (should the big kids fancy a pint and a swap).

With no marketing beyond our email and social media push, Sticker Swapping had 25,000 visitors from 125 countries during the 2-3 month period around World Cup 2014. 1.7 million stickers were registered on the website with 6000 active ‘swappers’.