Marketing Meets Design - Kantar

Hege Aaby, Founder and Creative Director, answered some questions for Crayon providing an insight into the thinking and process behind the redesign of Kantar Careers.

"We wanted the careers section to be all about people, and decided to interview people working at Kantar with different backgrounds, skill sets, experience levels and geographical locations. Kantar believe that creativity, inspiration and storytelling is key in presenting data in a compelling way. With that in mind each employee was asked to choose one object that represented something that inspires them and to talk about what they liked best about their job. From each personal story potential applicants can click through to find similar jobs.

Because Kantar is all about data and insights, what better way to represent the large number of jobs than a data visualisation? The interactive pie chart of jobs provides a visual and more playful way of narrowing down the search result.”